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Nuna beans or Peruvian popping beans are a subspecies of the common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris). They have been grown by Andean farmers in South America for thousands of years, and what sets these beans apart from other beans is the unusual and unique ability to pop or expand when exposed to heat. They come in many different colours and patterns and are very crunchy and flavourful once popped. Popping beans are a nutritious and tasty plant protein snack or topping.


Nuna beans are cooked or popped like popcorn. You can pop these tasty beans using the microwave, the stove-top, or air poppers. The Incas and their ancestors developed the beans as they needed to cook and consume beans in the high mountains where the boiling process takes longer and requires more fuel. Instead, popping takes a few minutes.


Popping beans are nutrient-rich foods; they provide protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals while containing little fat and a moderate amount of calories. Consuming more beans can improve your overall health and help you feel good. The unique texture and taste of the nuna beans make them a delicious and nutritious food choice.


Our Nuna beans are sustainably and responsibly sourced directly from indigenous farmers in the Andes north of Peru whom we partnered and closely worked with for over five years. The beans are grown and hand-picked at 2,700 meters above sea level. We hope you enjoy savoring this ancient Andean food!

The Perfect Snack

Crispy. Quick and Easy. Vegan. Tasty. Packed with Nutrients, Protein, and Fibre. Super Versatile (use any flavours and seasoning you like). Gluten-Free. Non-GMO.

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