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Keep it simple

Less processed

Our ingredients are simple and naturally tasty. No Preservatives. No Added Flavours. No Fillers.

Few Ingredients

We use ingredients with a nutritional content that will nourish your body.

Who we are

We make high quality, tasty, simple, least processed, and 100% natural foods. Our end goal is to provide you with new experiences and discoveries through the blend of specialty Andean crops together with more well known seeds, grains and legumes.

What We Do

We are developing unique products using specialty Andean crops. We work with and source our ingredients from small Andean farmers with whom we have a close relationship. Sales of these crops help farmers livelihood and at the same time we aim to create value from the vast untapped potential of these foods.

Nuna beans showing together with quinoa and amaranth. Very nutritious Andean crops

Specialty Andean Crops

Edible seeds have been cropped in the high Andean mountains in South America since the ancient times. Containing exceptional nutritional value, they have been used to nourish indigenous people for centuries.


Nuna Beans, also known as Peruvian Popping Beans

Get to know more about these unique beans. What is extraordinary? They are the bean counterpart of popcorn; when expo...

Somewhere only we know...

In our quest for sourcing the best quality ingredients, we direct trade with farmers from rich farmlands of the Andes.

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