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About Us:

Tambo Natural Foods intends to introduce you to new, simple, natural and great tasting foods. We use niche South American crops, which have been staple foods for centuries among indigenous peoples, and we hope you can incorporate them into your everyday diet.

Real food ingredients is our top priority, reason why our products are free from additives, fillers, colourings or added flavourings.


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We have established relationships with small-scale farmers; not only buying directly from them, but also learning about their niche crops, original and potential uses, and farming practices while developing our products. 

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We are committed to sustainability and it is our tireless goal to make these products more accessible to the world. At the same time, we aim to uplift and make a real impact on these communities' sources of income.


Nature made food products!

Are you a retailer or a food distributor interested in carrying our products?
Our products stand out as we specialize in working directly with farmers and producers that supply us the highest quality crops and ingredients.

Please contact us by using the form below on this page to find out more about our wholesale business.


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