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all-natural sesame snack sweetened with brown cane sugar; no glucose syrup or refined white sugar content

Enjoy an all-natural crunchy snack bar crafted with brown cane sugar. Our products are made with few and whole-food ingredients.

All Natural Sesame Snack

Simple and wholesome Ingredients. No preservatives. No artificial anything.

Andean Superfoods

Our sesame snacks contain nutritious superfoods from the rich Andes mountains: Amaranth, Maca Root, Kaniwa.

Brown Cane Sugar

Brown cane sugar contains molasses which provides the rich and sweet flavour to our sesame treats. No glucose syrup or refined white sugar here.

snack on-the-go, office, or at home.

Our sesame bars are made simply, featuring the sugar cane’s natural molasses. We do not use glucose syrup or refined white sugar since we aim at providing whole, 100% natural, and minimally processed foods.

Molasses contains nutrients, has a rich aroma, and a bittersweet character as opposed to the much sweeter and plain taste of refined white sugar and glucose syrup.

Our Crunchy Snacks


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